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About Cangzhou

Cangzhou is an ancient region close to Beijing-hangzhou Grand Canal and historic city. Locate in southeast of Hebei Province, north to Beijing and Tianjin, south to Shandong Province, with Beijing-hangzhou Grand Canal running through the urban district, Cangzhou was named because of its facing the Bo Sea on the east, which means a state of the sea. With a population of 7.2 million and 14000 total area, Cangzhou has 4 county-level cities, 10 counties, Cangzhou Bohai Development Zone, Cangzhou Economy Development Zone and Cangzhou Hi-tech Industry Development Zone in its jurisdiction. Cangzhou used to be established as Bohai state and was called Cangzhou in Xiping second year of Beiwei Dynasty in the history, which has a history of 1500 years. Cangzhou is a remarkable place producing outstanding personalities, who are Ji xiaolan as the general editor of imperial collection of four and master writer, Zhang zhidong as leader of Westernization Movement and called as revolutionist that doesn’t speak revolution by Mr. Sun zhongshan, Feng guozhang as the acting president during the Republic of China period and one of three heroes during Beiyang period, Huo yuanjia as a priest of martial art, Dou erdun as the greenwood and Xun huisheng as one of the four famous dans in Beijing opera only during Mid-  qing Dynasty to early Republican period. Cangzhou is a famous land of martial art and acrobatic in the world, in which area the North China Pearl Baiyang Lake has attracted tourists of all parts with its beautiful scenery.


Cangzhou is a rising coastal city with rapid development and great energy. It has 130 km coastline in BohaiBay. We have made unremitting efforts to implement the development strategy of “walking from the grand canal to Bohai bay” since 2003, for which the economic society has maintained the momentum of a sustained and rapid development. While without modernization port and industries in Cangzhou in modern times, it was unknown by many persons. As HuanghuaPort is open to shipping, with economy and society’s rapid development, Cangzhou is unveiled gradually to the world.  


Unceasingly strengthening economic power. In 2014, Cangzhou has got 313.3 billion yuan regional GDP , 64.64 billion yuan for total output value of farming, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, 146.97 billion yuan breakthrough for industrial added value above designated size and 41.14 billion yuan total fiscal revenue .

Cangzhou  regional GDP from 2009 to 2014



Increasingly perfected industrial development. Cangzhou has formed its five pillar industries which are petrochemical industry, pipeline equipment industry, mechanical processing and manufacture industry, textile and garment industry, food handling industry. Its petroleum comprehensive process capacity is 20 million tons and 20 million tons for pipeline equipment manufacture capacity. It is the largest TDI production base in Asia, largest PVC production base in China, also the important petrochemical base and pipeline equipment production base.


Facing many opportunities with strong advantages. In 2011, Hebei Provincial Coastal Regional Developing Plan was approved by the State Council, for which Hebei provincial coastal regional developments including Cangzhou’s was upgraded to national strategy and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone development was written into the National 12th Five-year Plan which also includes Cangzhou. At the 8th Hebei provincial Party Congress, Zhang qingli as secretary of Hebei Provincial Party Committee has solemnly pointed out that the whole province should try its best to make Tangshan Caofeidian Development Zone and Cangzhou Bohai Development Zone. With so many great historical opportunities faced simultaneously which was few in the past years, also could be few in the future, Cangzhou really has many advantages.   

Advantage in geography. With 190 kilometers to Beijing, 100 kilometers to Tianjin, 220 kilometers both to Shijiazhuang and Jinan, Cangzhou is the main member of Bohai Economic Rim and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Economic Zone. With Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway open to traffic, it only takes 51 minutes from Cangzhou to Beijing. With coastal highway open to traffic, it takes less than 30 minutes from Cangzhou Bohai Development Zone to Tianjin Binhai Development Zone, for which Cangzhou’s advantage in geography has been further consolidated.

Advantage in port. Located in Cangzhou, the HuanghuaPort is the one with shortest overland haul length to inland hinterland among many ports in BohaiBay. On the base of coal harbor area open to shipment in 2003, HebeiProvince decided to build the second ship channel to make comprehensive port in 2009. The first-stage construction of HuanghuaComprehensivePort designed with 200000-ton navigation capacity has been officially open to shipment on 18th, August, 2010, for which the 100000 DWT general bulk vessel could smoothly navigate and the container pier designed with 400000 standard packing boxes capacity went into service in 2011. The second-stage construction and assorted 200000-ton ore terminal are also being constructed. The HuanghuaPort has become bridgehead for new corridor of Eurasia Land Bridge onshore. With only 480 miles and 900 miles distance to Incheon of Korea and Kitakyushu of Japan on the sea, HuanghuaPort really is an important passageway from North China and northwest to Northeast Asia.

Advantage in transport and resources. Cangzhou has got 6 railways like Jinghu high-speed railway and Jingjiu Railway and 11 highways like Jinghu highway, Jingtai highway and Jinshan Highway passing through and stretching away. If compare Cangzhou, HuanghuaPort and Tianjin to a delta region, then there will be 4 high level roads and railways on each side of this delta region, which transport network is rare in the developed countries. Cangzhou’s great resource advantage is land, there are more than 1700 non-farming land, 307 tidal flat and 1051 shallow sea today. With the largest land and developing capacity among  China eastern coastal areas, it is the largest virgin soil for industrial construction.   

Advantage in policy and cost. Our country and HebeiProvince have given great policy support to Cangzhou’s development, especially to Bohai Development Zone. The price of general industrial land is no more than 100000 yuan and the average yearly salary for workers and employees in 2011 is 31000 yuan, both of which are lower than the around coastal cities, for which Cangzhou really has better advantage than Changjiang River Delta and Pearl River Delta. With late beginning, Cangzhou still has excellent investment condition, abundant land resources and competitive production cost. Cangzhou is also developing at fast speed, with the saying in North China that don’t miss it or there will be no another one, we hope friends don’t let this good opportunity slip.

With 2400 land region area, Bohai Development Zone is the coastal developing zone in Cangzhou, also the one with largest coastal area in China today, which was established in 2007. Because of its excellent investment condition and policy favor, it has got many domestic and international famous companies’ (Cargill, Air Liquide, CR Power and BAIC Group ) settlement in succession. It has got 42 billion yuan regional GDP and 7 billion fiscal revenue in 2011. In the near future, Bohai Development Zone must flourish by the Bohai sea with its unique color.

The south Cangzhou belonged to Qi country during Chunqiu period in ancient China. According to Historical Records, the Qi country has good tradition of giving special treatment to merchants. For example, it would supply free room and board to those taking one horse cab, additional free fodder to those taking three horse cabs, even free servant to those taking five horse cabs, for which all the merchants all went to Qi country, then Qi country became one of the five overlords in the Chunqiu Period despite its small living area. As later generation of Qi country we are cordially inviting you to invest in Cangzhou. We will supply favorable policies and good service to you. We will await respectfully the pleasure of your presence in Cangzhou.




Source: Guohua(secretary of Cangzhou Municipal Party Committee) 's address on the China. Cangzhou(Hongkong) Economic and Trade Cooperation, also Bohai Development Zone Investment Environment Introduction Conference (18th, April, 2012)
     Interpreter: Zhang peisong