Emergency Phone
  • Traffic Accident 122
  • Fire Emergency 119
  • Emergency Number 120
  • Tourism Service 12301
  • Consumer Hotline 12315
  • Police Emergency 110
Name Country

Chinese official currency is RMB. Touring in Cangzhou, the first thing you need to do is to transfer your money into RMB. In Cangzhou, many banks offer currency exchange service. You can also use credit card for consumption. Many department stores have accepted credit cards in Cangzhou. You can get cash from ATM machines.

To transfer money gained here to your home country is a technical job. You should seek help from law firms or accounting firms. First of all, you should obey Chinese laws. In some conditions, a foreigner needs to pay tax and some service charges. It's better for you to make a plan with the help of a lawyer or an accountant on your money transfer project.

The banks service hotlines are the follwing:
       Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Cangzhou):
       95588 or 0317-95588

  China Construction Bank (Cangzhou):
         95533 or 0317-95533


Agriculture Bank of China(Cangzhou):
     95599 or 0317-95599

     Bank of China (Cangzhou):
     95566 or 0317-95566