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Cangzhou Iron Lion
Cangzhou Iron Lion scenic spot is located in west of Dongguan village of Jiuzhou Town in Cang County, 20 kilometers southeast of Cangzhou City. With the existing 6 workers, it belongs to Cangzhou Cultural Relics Bureau. Made in Guangshun third year of Houzhou Dynasty, with 6-meter length, 3-meter body width and 5.5-meter height, it weighs about 40 tons. It sits north and faces...
Wuqiao Acrobatics World
Located in southeast of Hebei Province, also the border of Hebei Province near Shandong Province, with Jinghu(Beijing-Shanghai) Railway, Jinghu(Beijing-Shanghai) Highway and 104 National Road passing through, Wuqiao Acrobatics World scenic spot really enjoys convenient transport, which is 300 kilometers north to Beijing and 200 kilometers to Tianjin, 130 kilometers south to Ji...
North China Pearl Baiyang Lake in Renqiu
As the largest fresh water lake in North China Plain and also one of the largest wetlands ecosystems in North China, it is named worthy place of North China. The water area of Baiyang Lake in Renqiu county-level City is 64.8 square meters, which is the lower reach of Baiyang Lake, where there are clean water and unique natural scenic view. The Baiyang Lake is located in Renqiu...
Nandagang Wetland
With 5.4 meters for the highest altitude and 2.9 meters for the lowest, Nandagang Wetland is composed of lagoon depression, shallow groove shape depression, mound and high flat, most of whose vegetation is reed. With 10-meter width and 30-kilometer length surrounding forest, it has more than 60000 trees. Being joint place for birds migration zones from south to north and from ...
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